Rich lands a goby.

Shows a DeadShot TreePod being fired for a 12 ga. shotgun on a power wheelchair and a .308 on a manual wheelchair.

Fulfilling a Dream With the help of many an individual with quadriplegia rappels off a 16 story building to raise money for the United Way and remind everyone what is possible if you challenge yourself.

Tangible examples of adaptive equipment that has been made, by a quadriplegic, using common, inexpensive materials.

Adapting a wheelchair so a quadriplegic can take photographs and videos.

Shows the the progression a C6 complete quadriplegic went trough to learn the best way to camouflage a wheelchair for hunting.

Extreme X8 4 wheel-drive wheelchair taken out and about, by a C6 complete quadriplegic, on rural farmland in Northern New York.

Show how a simple piece of adaptive equipment can make a Hoyer lift portable.

Shows a simple procedure for adapting a Deadshot Treepod to mount on a manual wheelchair.

Deadshot Treepod adapted and mounted on a 4x4 wheelchair. Shows field of fire and firing my 12ga. shotgun using the Poor Man's Trigger Adapter (PMTA). For more information see www.handihelp.net

Shows a simple technique a person in a wheelchair can use to close a door.

Video made from a presentation to therapeutic recreation students at a nearby college. Discussion shares information I have learned during 16 years of making adaptive equipment.

A quadriplegic going for a dog sled ride in Winona Forest, Lacona, N.Y. on the 16th anniversary of his accident.

Introduction to the Handihelp.net website and You Tube channel.

Deadshot Treepod's adaption so it will work on a power wheelchair

An individual with quadriplegia goes for a dog sled riude in Northern New YTork

My friend Andy skiing at Powder Mountain in Utah

Trigger adapter designed by Handihelp. May be seen at DiY-AT.handihelp.net All triggers are different so it may not work on your trigger USE THIS ADAPTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

Shows homemade adaptions on a manual wheelchair and how they work. Bass was caught on the St. Lawrence River August 19, 2013.

An adaption which allows an individual in a wheelchair and compromised grip to practice kayak paddling. It is also great upper body exercise.

Simple homemade tool to use to pick up a variety of objects off the floor. It is very light weight and will take up little room in a purse or on a wheelchair.

A multifunctional homemade "tool" that serves many purposes. It will allow an individual with limited grip and/or range of motion to lift weighted objects.

Changes that can be made to standard fish reel which will allow a person with limited grip to operate the reel.

Simple homemade adaption which will a person with quadriplegia to cast manually when fishing.

Homemade inexpensive adaption which will hold a fishing pole for an individual in a wheelchair.

A inexpensive solution to create a concrete surface for individuals in wheelchairs. This type of pavement would solve the problems around my garden boxes.

Shows and demonstrates simple and inexpensive adaptions which will let a quadriplegic fish from a manual chair.

Shows simple an inexpensive adaptions made by a C6 complete quadripegic which allows him to fish. More detailed directions can be found at www.handihelp.net

Show a homemade release system which can be used by an individual with quadriplegia to escape from a kayak in an emergency. This video goes with the video "Kayaking with a Diability" found on Handihelp.net

Shows a variety of ways a person with a disability can use a telescoping magnet to pick up a number of different items.

Demonstrates a device which will enable a person in a wheelchair to pick up a dropped book.

Discusses things that can be done by indivduals with disabilities to make their home a more enjoyable place to be.

Show how individuals in wheelchairs can garden successfully.

A simple inexpensive tool that can be used in many diffrerent ways by an individual with limited range of motion or grip problems.

Firing a rifle and a shotgun using the Poor Man's Trigger Adapter which allows persons with certain disabilities to use their mouth to fire the weapon.

Shows the modifications and adaptions made by one person with quadriplegia so he could continue to participate in one of the activities he loved prior to his injury. It was a process of frustration, failure, trial and error and took over six years..

Documents the struggles a hunter with a disability went through in order to harvest a wild turkey. Scenes in this video are from a period of 11 years and shows the continuous process of adaption and modifications that allowed this hunter to finally harvested turkey.

Produced by two students from SUNY Cortland this video was a first prize winner in a contest sponsored by The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

An inexpensive trigger adapter for some individuals who may not be able to fire a gun by squeezing the trigger.

Some ideas and discussion of projects a perrson witha disability might want to consider doing.

Modifications made to different equipment to allow a person with a disability to return to hunting.

Returning to kayaking after quadriplegia

Shows a process that allows a person with a disability nto use a long handled implement.

My new life, that began in 1999, after an accident that left me a quadriplegic.

My life before my accident in 1999 that left me a quadriplegic at 55 years old. Hopefully, it will help people realize how quickly your life can change.

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